Bull Skullz is a division of Double U Leather LLC, owned and operated by Wayne Wise in Dublin, TX. While Wayne may be best known for his voice as a professional rodeo announcer for the past 30+ years, his hands are making a name for themselves as well. Basically a self taught master leather carver, Wayne has taken his talent to a new level. 


"I was initially challenged to carve a leather bull skull by an individual," said Wise. "After that first one, I knew I wanted to do more. Just the idea of creating a piece of art on a skull is intriguing to me."


The entire process is quite time consuming and Wayne is meticulous about detail. When someone actually sees a skull in person, the details are the thing that people gravitate towards. Wayne uses only the finest Hermann Oak leather and obtains the skulls from The Little Glass Heifer also located in Dublin, TX. The skulls are boiled, power washed and sun dried, making them completely pure and clean. 

If you're a lover of unique, fine art, a leather carved bull skull could be your answer. Each skull is different and no two will ever look the same. They are a great conversational piece in an elegantly decorated Western home.

Wayne Wise - Leather Carving




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